History of SM


Spiritus Mortis was formed in late summer of 1987. The first band in Finland to be called as a DOOM act. Founding members were Teemu and Jussi. At first V-P was only a temporary drummer but as usually shit happens and temporary became permanent. At first band was known as Rigor Mortis but at that time there was also US band called Rigor Mortis so we changed the name to Spiritus Mortis.

SM's unique sound can be heard from the very early demos. Growling bass, massive guitars and viciously thundering drums. Totally unique and unheard in Finland. Cult following was gained by reviews of demos and furious gigs. But in early '90's Finland was not ready for SM's grim world. as nothing really happened. Studies, "real jobs", military services and so on came into picture so SM almost dried out in late '90's.

From the beginning SM was desperately seeking vocalist because Teemu wanted to concentrate more to bass banging. For awhile in late '90's Tomi Murtomäki was in band as a lead singer but when original SM trio found Vesa Lampi to vocals things started to roll so Vesa replaced Tomi in the beginning of year 2000 and gave a massive boost to band. New millenium, new start. SM went straight to studio to record Demo 2000. Demo 2000 got great reviews in various Metal magazines around the world, strongest SM demo so far.

V-P wasn't really happy with playing drums because his main instrument is guitar. So SM began to search for drummer who could replace V-P. Somewhere in the end of 2000 Veli-Matti joined SM. Another boost to SM along with Vesa's joining the band.

'Forward to the Battle'-demo, recorded in early 2001 with current line up was still dark, gloomy and heavy. Loyal to the roots of SM. Trends never hurt SM. Grim tale continues like it started. Also this piece of SM metal has been very well taken by magazines and fans.

At the beginning of summer 2001 the band got their first offer to sign record deal. When this deal disappeared in the air, not due SM, band recorded so called "not for sale" demo, Hot Summer of Love, in 2002. Some copies were sent to press. Reviews were praising this piece of metal, including legendary cover art.

In January 2003 SM decided to go to studio to record debut album without any clue if any label will ever release it. During these days Vellu informed that this will be his last recording with SM. Few days of dark clouds and icy rain but SM decided to find new drummer. After trying couple of drummers during the spring we found Jarkko "Sepi" Seppälä. New chapter begins, heaviest so far!

Financial suicide worked. After sending some samples of metal to come, couple of labels approached and two of them offered record deal in the summer of 2003. SM decided to choose Rage of Achilles.

So .. Looking thru' the years back to '80's ... SM haven't changed, the world has. It's finally ready to unleash Spiritus Mortis. Debut album was out in stores in January 2004 but some bad news, again, Rage Of Achilles called it quits at autumn 2004. So again, looking for a record deal...

With a little help from Tom Phillips from While Heaven Wept they managed to get a deal from Creece's Black Lotus Records and SMs second album, "Fallen", was released in march 2006.

Meanwhile, VP had moved to Stadingrad so it was impossible to arrange rehearsals so in the beginning of 2006 Kari "Hakomäen Blackmore" Lavila was called to replace VP. VP can be still heard on "Fallen".

At the winter of 2006, normal SM luck struck again, this time Black Lotus Records called quits. It happened so quickly, SM were informed at wednesday and next tuesday BLR was dead...

After the fall of Black Lotus Records, Vesa had lost his interested of music so at the spring 2007 we let him go. Tomi Murtomäki came to help and replace him, at least for "20 years of SM" anniversary tour. Tour was the first long tour in SM history and all the gigs were excellent and audience praised the SM performance.

So, what's next? No one knows for sure but SM story will certainly continue: split with The Gates Of Slumber will be released through Emissary Records, split cassette with Withctiger containing Turku gig will be released through Metal Warning. Also SM will participate "Knock'em Down to the Size" 7" vinyl sampler and Metal Warning will release double vinyl version of the first SM album! Also there has been some talk about re-release cd of SM s/t album. With lyrics, song info and some extra songs included!

At January 2009 was announced that Sami Hynninen (The Puritan, Reverend Bizarre) joins as vocalist. Spiritus Mortis signed a record deal with Firebox Records and their third album, "The God Behind the God" is released 13.5.2009. Before album 7" single "When the Wind Howled With a Human Voice/Waiting for the Sun" was released.

Year 2009 will be busiest one in Spiritus Mortis`s career; a lot of gigs are coming in Finland and in Europe.