DEMO 2000
April 2000

Demo2000 and Forward To The Battle at Psychedelic Fanzine
The Finnish band is definitely the first Doom band in the country of thousand lakes, they've been around since the late 80's, but due to line-up problems they didn't find a proper vocalist until 2000. Since Vesa joined the band, things got rolling for them: they put out two demo tapes, and will probably sign to the same label, Reverend Bizarre will release it's album on. The "Demo 2000" is definitely my favourite among their demos. It's three songs present the band in a very good form: absolutely amasing, powerful vocals by Vesa (definitely influenced by Robert Lowe of Solitude Aeturnus), Epic kind of sorrowful Doom Metal structures. One of the most outstanding demos to come out in 2000! Speaking of their new demo, it was recorded in their rehearsal studio, so the sound is not the best, but it's still okay. To say the truth, the musicians seem to go more in a rockin', groovier direction on this one, and Vesa's vocals aren't that powerful anymore. Don't understand me wrong. those six songs are enjoyable, but the fact that they weren't recorded in a proper studio impairs the quality. I still recommend the band's lattest demos for the Doom fans, and hope that the upcoming full-length (in a proper studio!) will return the band to the sound on the "Demo 2000".

Demo 2000/Forward to the Battle at
Is Finland the last frontier of doom ? Maybe, cause the addicts of funeral rhythm can find some respectable bands in this country like Reverend Bizarre, Majesty and Spiritus Mortis. SM is born in -88 but finalised his line-up in 2000 as the powerful Vesa Lampi arrived as a singer. Then the band released one demo, which is presented on the first part of this CD. Only three tracks to understand than SM is riding in the vein of St Vitus or Sabbath , with a lyrical and mysterious side . In February of 2001 , the Finnish are recording Forward To The Battle , self -made material but also a rigorous work .From " Forever" to " In Between" SM is presenting all his science of granite riffs and funeral fly .People can find in this record really great moments as " Sleeping Beneath The Lawn" . Jussi the guitarist is everywhere , on heavy rhythm work or hysteric solo .This record is nicely ending with " In Between" , an ambient and a dark sound, which can remember some rich past hours from The Obsessed . Now , SM is always searching for a deal , it's really a shame for a seriously armed band like SM to wait for some opportunity . Labels offers are wanted !

Demo 2000 / Forward to the Battle at Past and Present
Spiritus Mortis; Demo 2000, 3/5 Selvstændig. 2000
Spiritus Mortis; Forward To The Battle, 2/5 Selvstændig. 2001

Spiritus Mortis from Finland is not a death metal band. Neither are they a black metal band, even though I was kinda guessing they were, both because of the band-name and the fact that they're from Finland. The band plays a pretty dark, heavy and doomy kind of metal, which might remind others than me of Black Sabbath. The bands lead-singer, Vesa Lampi, however, does not sound like your typical doom-metal singer, but rather like a singer in a real melodic heavy metal band. "Demo 2000", which is the older of these two demos, is - if you ask me - strangely enough, even though it only plays for 10 minutes, a better demo than "The Battle" which was released this year. This however, has something to do with, that the new demo was recording under really bad circumstances, which in the end means that it was recorded in their own rehearsal-room and on their own computers, while "Demo 2000" after all was recorded in a real studio. But even though "Demo 2000" was recorded in a proper studio doesn't mean that it's doom metal on the highest level, men rather just a demo from a band with greater things ahead of them >if only the right circumstances arise. Perhaps the band should tone down on their "Satan, Master" image though, since it's quite a turn-off, really.
Hans Jákup Eidisgard

Demo 2000 / Forward to the Battle at Nad Brzegami Czasu on-line magazine Poland
When I looked on album sleeve which showed characteristic artwork from cruel North, I thought that this is another Scandinavian band playing fast viking metal or something like this. But when I put it to my CD-player, I was agreeably suprised because I heard beatiful, classic, old doom metal. Spiritus Mortis is an expierenced band, because it has been existing since 1988. This 12-year period can be heard in their music, which is really good. The musicians play with great easiness; playing doesn't cause any problems. All music is modelled on legend Black Sabbath, esp. strong, but clear, melodic vocal, which also brings to mind characteristic vocalists from bands from NWOBHM.I think that current line-up is optimal and SM records full-length album without any difficulties. I'm waiting for it!!!
Arkadiusz ARUS Mlyniec (8/10)

Demo2000 and Forward To The Battle at Heavy Metal Mania
Another band coming from the land of the thousand lakes this month, however its style and musical expression is very different from the majority of the Finnish bands, although still in a high level. In "Demo 2000" Spiritus Mortis reveal a Doom Metal character that is influenced by Black Sabbath and a little from Celtic Frost and Venom. What I really enjoyed the most about them is that the songs follow a more groovy, rockin' direction than most of the other Doom bands choose to follow, which makes them more enjoyable even to someone that isn't much into Doom Metal. The singer, Vesa, is also another valuable asset to the band, since his voice is ideal for their style and adds a small epic touch to it. The production is also in a very acceptable level. Apart from "Demo 2000", the band has also included their newer effort "Forward To The Battle", which stands in the same level as "Demo 2000", but with a little worse production, since it was recorded with rehearsalroom equipment and not in a real studio. It includes six more songs that are more influenced by Black Sabbath than the others but still maintaining their groovy character. The band had a small lineup problem, since they replaced their drummer, which is however hardly noticeable here since they sound very well- rehearsed. They are about to sign a record deal and release their debut album, so it seems that the future belongs to them. They are in a good path, although they should try to further develop a more personal sound.

Demo 2000 / Forward to the Battle at "Multum i Parvo" Poland
This CD comes to me from Finland, homeland of Nightwish, Children of Bodom, HIM and other cool bands which play cool music for cool people. But Spiritus Mortis is something different, they play doom-rock inspired by Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Music with balls, with kick in chest. These Finns are having fun playing their music and for that reason Spiritus Mortis's music gives also good vibes to listeners. Compositions influenced by doom atmosphere from the sixties, strong vocal without growling. I like the vocals, the same positive feeling than in music itself. When I heard the first time this CD I had mixed feelings, but when I listened it again and again I started to see how great the CD is, Spiritus Mortis have magic which many metals band dont have. Sincery, heavy, strong, energy, power! Everything that makes music interesting. Maybe Spiritus Mortis aren't heavyest and darkest but they have special sound. This music is just great, good to listen with beer and relax. Guys playing heavy and that's it! Dear reader send them money now, they are really worthy.
Tymothy (9/10)

Demo2000 at Metal Gospel
SPIRITUS MORTIS - Demo 2000 (self released~2000)

Hell yeah. We´re talking Doom excellence with this 2000 Demo ! Fans of SOLITUDE AETURNUS, BLACK SABBATH or just plain out rockin´ Traditional Metal will want to keep an eye on this Finnish band. They have been around since 1988 and are even considered one of the first bands in Finland to be called Doom. The three songs here are infectious, full of passion and you´ll find your head banging and foot tapping along. Despite being Doomy this also hasa rather "upbeat" side to it in that it makes you think of the good oldtimes of Metal. Definitely a brilliant band. You´ve got to head and check them out !

Demo2000 at Metal Coven
Spiritus Mortis: Demo 2000 (Finnland, 2000, 3 Songs)

Tja, Quizfrage, was kriecht wie ein Lavastrom aus den Boxen und ist slow, so extrem slow? Yeah, DOOM! Dies hier ist die älteste Doomband aus Finnland und man hört ihr ihre Erfahrung an. Trotz des hohen Slow Motion Faktors, wie üblich beim Doom, haben sie eine absolut metallische Ausstrahlung. Die Stimme von Sänger Vesa ist rauh und kraftvoll, pures Metall, die donnernden Riffs zermalmen mit ihrer Wucht jeden Widerstand, den man ihnen zu leisten in der Lage wäre. Die Stücke sind natürlich geradlinig konzipiert, aber nicht primitiv. Die ihnen zugehörige Sperrigkeit ist gleichzeitig auch ihr Vorteil, denn so nutzen sie sich nicht so chnell ab, entfalten aber schon bald ihre volle Magie. Dunkle, bedrohliche Melodiebögen spannen sich über den sägenden Gitarren und treibenden Beats, dunkel fürwahr, aber nicht so düster - romantisch und kitschig, wie man es vielleicht vom Gothicdoom her kennt, nein, Spiritus Mortis sind eine echte Metalband mit verdammt doomig - dicken Eiern, pure Energie. Ein volles Album dieser Truppe wäre ein Hammer, solange das nicht der Fall ist, kann man sich an dieser CDR laben. 9 Punkte Kontakt: Vesa Lampi (der heißt wirklich so): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / Sascha, 2002

Demo2000 at Walls Of Fire
Spiritus Mortis (UNSIGNED) - Demo 2000 (Unsigned)
Autorbewertung: Erscheinugsdatum: 2002

Ein schlicht gestaltetes Demo einer finnischen Doom Metal Band namens Spiritus Mortis flattert mir hier auf den Tisch, das auch nur drei Tracks enthält und somit leider nicht viel allzu viel Material für eine Beurteilung hergibt, doch diese drei Tacks auf fast zehn Minuten machen eine Menge Spaß. Spiritus Mortis klingen in etwa wie eine Mischung aus Trouble, Abstrakt Algebra und alten Black Sabbath, addieren hierzu eine Portion Stoner Rock und haben gehöriges Bangpotential zu bieten. Ausnahmslos gut gefällt mir der manchmal herrlich dreckig klingende Sänger Vesa Lampi, die saftig melodiösen Gitarren und der im Hintergrund herumgrummelnde Bass des Tieftöners TM, die sich in mitreißenden Arrangements austoben. Wenn dies Band auch nur die Hälfte des Flairs auf dieser CD live versprüht, kann bei Spiritus Mortis Auftritten nur die Hölle los sein! Ein Demo ist gedacht, um eine Band anzuchecken und dieses Demo macht verdammt viel Lust auf mehr. Ich denke, dass diese Band das Zeug dazu hat, um zum Kult zu avancieren, denn was hier abgeliefert wird klingt verdammt ehrlich und rockt wie Hölle!
Autor: [aragorn] 4,5 / 5

Demo2000 at Hard'n'Heavy France 10/12
"Spiritus Mortis symbolises the triumph of will. Out of those two demos (which feature three and six tracks respectively), the first one is the most impressive: with a production so massive that it could destroy a mountain, the music here is deadly catchy. Able to attract as much doom metal freaks than traditionnal heavy-metal fans, with a sound that somewhat lies between the heaviness of Black Sabbath from the Dio period and Manilla Road's epic adventures, they even managed to write a true "hit-to-be": "The Omen". Recorded in their rehearsal room, Forward To Battle is a bit more up-tempo and sounds more influenced by the NWOBHM in comparaison. Through those two demos, you can tell that the fourteen (!) years of experience of the band paid off in tracks that pretty often never go beyond the three-minutes barrier but yet, in such a short amount of time, provides you with the urge to grab your sword and go kill dragons! Especially with a singer that could give Deep Purple's Ian Gillian a chill..."

Demo2000 at Cannibal Gore
Demo2000: I did not know this finnish band until receiving this amazing demo. On this demo we can find traditional doom in the style of Black Sabbath or Candlemass. This band translate me to the ´80 with thepowerfull and ambient of the golden age of heavy metal. All in this demo are perfect, a perfect sound, a perfect production, and a dinamic and autentic vocalist. I hope that the band will do something more long. I recommended to all heavy Metal fans, this is true heavy and you will do headbangin.

Demo 2000 at Hellride Music
Spiritus Mortis - Demo 2000 by Chris Barnes

I come from the school that says all drums ought to sound like Martin Birch produced it. Like Billy Ward's drums on Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules. Bill just wasn't keeping a beat. He was making thunder with a spare pair of Odin's hammers. Incredible farkin' drum sound aside, Finland's Spiritus Mortis are another brilliant rising black star of doom from Finnish shores. This three song demo, recorded in 2000, gives the listener just a taste of what Spiritus Mortis is capable of. And by taste, I mean just that. The only drawback to this beauty is it's truncated spin time of just over 10 minutes. As for sound, think epic Sabbath (from the above mentioned albums) crossed with some of the more uptempo Trouble recordings. There is definitely an underlying groove here, but I would be hesitant to slot SM into the Stoner/Doom (STOOM!) category. The sound is much more epic and clean than anything EWiz or Warhorse might pull off. The uptempo quality (I mean for DOOM anyway) works to the bands' credit here. They have the potential to create appeal to traditional metal fans as well as the doom-junkies. Everyone under one big black rainbow. Credit must be given to vocalist Vesa Lampi. He has a helluva set of lungs. His rough-hewn voice has a powerful quality that blends well with Jussi Maijala and V-P Rapo's equally powerful guitar work and TM's bass. Dig the rolling bass line going into "The Omen". Niiiiiiiiice!! I've said it once before and I'll say it again. The Finns rock. Hard.

Demo 2000 at
Spiritus Mortis - Demo 2000
June 2002 | Released: 2000, Independent | Rating: 4.0/5 | Reviewer: Waspman

Woah, now here's a style that you don't hear too much anymore. Spiritus Mortis plays slow and groovy rockers in a style that recalls 70s heavy metal obviously derived from the mighty Sabbath. Immediate points for coolness right off the bat. Further cool points for the fact that the band is from Finland and doesn't play death metal! They must stick out like sore thumbs in that country's music scene! Minus a few points for the fact that this disc is only 10 minutes long! Boo hiss. The production on this disc is perfect for the bands retro sound: rough and dirty. It also perfectly highlights the vocals of Vesa Lampi who sounds fantastically gravel-throated and mean. It also helps that the band have written some great tunes for him to wail on, as all three tracks on this disc kick ass, though "Flames" is especially great. I dunno, there's just something refreshing about music like this in today's metal scene. To me it seems a perfect time for a band like this to break into the mass metal consciousness. Indeed the band is recording new songs this year for their debut full-length. Can't wait!

Demo 2000 at Underground Zine Scene
Spiritus Mortis isn't your typical Finnish metal band. No these lads aren't influenced by the melodic death metal as most bands I've heard. Rather, they cite Black Sabbath as a major influence and there's no doubt after listening to this 3 track demo. Believe it or not, this band has been together since '88 and has released countless demos but this is the first I'd heard of them. The songs are all around 3 minutes and the best track was Flames. It's just one of those I found myself bobbing my heard to the beat. I really like Vesa's voice. He's got a powerful voice that reminds me of Messiah from Candlemass. Despite the berevity of the disc, it's still worth checking outif you like stoner metal.
Rating: 8/10

Demo 2000 Chronicles Of Chaos
Spiritus Mortis - _Demo 2000_ (3-track demo) by: Chris Flaaten (***--)

Last issue I reviewed Spiritus Mortis' most recent demo. Apparently, they have now got a record deal, but this deal came from an old demo -- the one in question here. In this demo, Spiritus Mortis are clearly darker in their expression, playing old school doom in the vein of Black Sabbath. Although everything is well played and decently produced, I can't seem to like these ten minutes worth as much as their newer material. It lacks the flair and the subtle humouristic approach that made the _Forward to the Battle_ demo stand out. Still, this music should be easier to market and they're still more metal than 90% of everything else out there.

Demo2000 at Doom
I must admit I did not know this Finnish band until receiving this SHORT demo. On this SHORT offering we find nice, groovy traditional doom spread out over 3 songs. I often found myself SHORTLY humming or tapping along. You won't find any melancholy or depressive sounds here, this is a SHORT one for the groovesters among us. Given the quality of this demo, it makes me wonder why no record label has made SHORT work out of picking these guys up. The only downside I can find is (you might have guessed it already): it's SHORT! It barely makes the 10 minute mark. Given that a demo is to show what you are all about, I would have enjoyed it if Spiritus Mortis had shown a little bit more of themselves on this demo, 10 minutes is just not long enough for quality work such as this. Having said that, it might not come as a surprise that I am looking forward seeing these guys put out a full-length one day

Demo2000 at Suomi Finland Perkele
Vanhan polven doomia puskee tämä suomalainen pumppu. Bändi ei kuitenkaan ole mikään uusi tulokas, vaan on ollut kehissä jo 90-luvun alusta asti. Kyseessä on siis eeppistä luokkaa olevilla riffeillä höystettyä perinteistä doomia, selviä NWOBHM vaikutteita on havaittavissa. Puhtaalla äänellä lauletut kipaleet ovat erittäin raskaita ja koostuvat luihin ja ytimiin kolahtavista riffeistä. Ehkä hieman raskautta toivoisi soundeihin lisää, muttei se välttämättä toimisi tämän materiaalin kanssa. Demolla on kolme biisiä ehtaa tavaraa, yhteensä kymmenisen minuuttia vanhaa kunnon runttausta. Spiritus Mortis on täysin valmista kamaa, näin levy-yhtiöille tiedoksi. Vanhan doom metallin ystäville suosittelen bändiin tutustumista ehdottomasti. Kannattaa kysellä myös Forward To The Battle äänitettä.

Demo2000 at Soundi 3/2001
SM on jo toistakymmentä vuotta vanha doom-bändi, ja sen kuulee. Matkan varrella lastentaudit ovat hioutuneet pois, ja yhtyeen näennäisen yksinkertainen mutta silti tavattoman rikas ilmaisu on kohdallaan. Biisit ovat onnistuineita nyansseineen kaikkineen, ja bändin laulajalla on sekä ääntä että voimaa. Välillä tulevat jotkin vanhat Candlemass- jutut mieleen juuri laulun ansiosta.