The God Behind the God
Vinyl version

October 2009

Side A
1. The Man Of Steel (TM/SH) *
2. Death Bride (JM,TM/SH) *
3. The Rotting Trophy (JM,TM,VPR/SH) *
4. Curved Horizon (TM,KL/SH)

Side B
1. When the Wind Howled With a Human Voice (JM,TM/SH)
2. Heavy Drinker (TM/SH)
3. The God Behind the God (TM/SH)
4. Perpetual Motion (JM/SH) *

All songs arranged by SM, except * by SM and VPR

S.A.H - vox
JM - gtr
KL - lead gtr
TM - bss
JS - drms

Featuring Antti Paalanen in the Devil's Bellows and the Lekkeri Choir

The songs were recorded, mixed and mastered in September and October 2008 and from January to March 2009 by Master Ketola at Pop-Artikkeli Studios.
Artwork and Sleeve design by Sami Hynninen
Realisation by Sakari Tuokkola. Photo by Mika Kokkila

Thanks to: Firebox (Rami, Sakari and Timo), Firebox Agency, Master Ketola, SR and JR Katajamäki, Mika Kokkila, Earl Of Void, Veli-Matti Yli-Mäyry, Seppo Patteri, Pekka Helanen, Veli-Pekka Rapo, All the great People of Lekkeri and the City of Alavus.

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