S/T - Single vinyl version

June 2012
High Roller Records Records

Side A
01. Forever (VL,TM/VL)
02. Beyond (VL,TM/VL)
03. Vow To The Sun (VL/VL)
04. Death Walking (VL,TM/VL) 05. Doom Mood (VPR)
06. Rise From Hell (JM/TM,VL)
07. Forbidden Arts (JM/TM,VL)

Side B
01. Baron Samedi (VPR/TM)
02. Flames (JM/TM)
03. excerpt from Tortilla Flat Suite (VPR)
04. ...In Me (JM,VPR/TM,VL)
05. Sweet Oblivion (JM,VPR/VL)
06. The Throne Will Fall (JM,VPR/VL)
07. The Mighty One (VL/VL)

All songs arranged by SM

Line up:
Vesacus Doomicus Lampicus - vox
JM - gtr
VPR - gtr,
additional keyboards, flute and noises
TM - bss
V-M/Y-M - drms,kbrds

Recorded & engineered by Marko “Snake” Ketola at Pop-Artikkeli Studios (Alavus, Finland), January 2003.
Mixed by Snake & Spiritus Mortis.Produced by Snake & Spiritus Mortis.
Track A05 recorded and engineered by T. Maijala at 6666 S.E.Studio, Alavus, Finland.
Track B05 recorded and engineered by VP Rapo at S/N ratio, Pirkkala, Finland.
A05 & B05 mixed by VP Rapo at 6666 S.E.Studio.

Mastered in Finnvox by Mika Jussila. Re-mastered by Jukka Tanttari at Tar-Hill Studio.

Sir Magister Albert Witchfinder from Reverend Bizarre - additional vocals on Rise From Hell
Kimmo Perämäki from Celesty, Masquerage - backing vocals
Sami Saari from Tric - backing vocals
Boy Choir Helvettiset (Vesa, Jussi, Teemu, Kimmo, Pasi, Sami, Marko) - choir for Rise From Hell

Sir Magister Albert Witchfinder appears by courtesy of Spikefarm Records.
Kimmo Perämäki appears by courtesy of Arise Records.

Cover art by Andre Tueroff.
Cover art pics by Bo Kjellson, Spiritus Mortis and Ari "Kassu" Mäki.

Thanks to: HR-Records, Winter Records, PsycheDOOMelic, Immu & Metal Warning, Wellu Yli-Mäyry, Snake Ketola, Sir Magister Albert Witchfinder, Kimmo Perämäki (thanks for the power! Vesa), Sami Saari, Boy Choir Helvettiset, Rami Hippi & Firebox Records, Jukka Tanttari, Mika Jussila, Bo Kjellson, Marko Hämäläinen, Ari “Kassu” Mäki & Suvi Hautala, Leila Toiviainen, Kari Lavila, Juhana Lahtinen, Sakari Pesola, Reverend Bizarre, Minotauri, Normaalimäki, Masquerage, all families and friends still left there for us, all the bands we have played with since ‘87, all the magazines which have written nice things about SM and finally thanks to all who deserve it but we forgot to mention!

Thanks to: Pappa, Tomisabero Wakayama Murtomäki, Immu & Metal Warning, "Inka" Helenius and WCH, Marko Ketola, Jukka Tanttari, Matti Istanmäki, Juhana Lahtinen, Helena Mäyry and the city of Alavus, Trouble.