March 2006
Black Lotus Records

01. The Dawn (VPR)
02. New Age (VPR/VL)
03. Leave Me (VL,TM/VL)
04. Divine Wind (SM/TM,VL)
05. Something Came And Killed (JM/VL)
06. Beware Of The Quiet One (VL,JM/VL,TM)
07. Sleeping Beneath The Lawn (JM/VL)
08. All The Words Were Spoken (JM/VL)
09. The Omen (TM,VPR/VL)
10. All This In The Name Of Love (JM,TM/VL)
11. Wasteland (VPR/TM,VL)
12. Goodbye (VL/VL)

All songs arranged by SM

Engineered, recorded and mixed by Marko "Doomsnake" Ketola at Pop-Artikkeli Studio during 2005
Produced by Doomsnake & SM
Mastered at Tarhill Studio by Jukka Tanttari

Artwork by Ariadni Zervou

Vesacus Doomicus Lampicus - vox
JM - gtr
VPR - gtr, piano
TM - bss
JS - drms

Additional musicians:
Vellu Yli-Mäyry - Percussion
Matti Ågren - Keyboards
Kimmo Perämäki - Backing vocals
Tomi Murtomäki - Backing vocals

Thanks list:
Marko Ketola, Black Lotus Records staff, Kimmo Perämäki, Tomi Murtomäki, Vellu Yli-Mäyry, Matti Ågren, Stefan Karasavas, Tom Phillips and While Heaven Wept, Thane Ahrens, Vesa Tanttari, Alavuden Kaupunki, Juhana Lahtinen from Hell! studios.
Our brothers Reverend Bizarre and Minotauri.
Friends and families.
All those we forgot.