Sat 14.10. Blowup Vol 3, Korjaamo, Hellsinki
with Saint Vitus, Noothgrush, Domkraft, PH

At thurstay Senator received phone call that our slot was moved to last, 0100 hours... It was ok, it just had to be done, to help organizers and Saint Vitus.

At friday, it was like garage days revisited, we rehearsed at Maijala carage. It was really nice, just shame that we didn't build larger garage, coz now car doesn't fit there anymore...

At saturday, Bros and Hog Lavila started Sprinsessa and after two hours drive to Aapiskukko...Linnatuuli...Pirkanhovi! where Stud Seppälä was fetched. Then again two hours drive to distant shores. Finding Korjaamo was rather easy, after a phone call door was opened and our gear loaded in.
A little waiting at backstage and the soundcheck, it was really easy and fine, thanks to techs!
After soundcheck, taxi to hotel with Saint Vitus guys and a little nap. After rocknroll nap, taxi to Korjaamo with Saint Vitus guys.
THEN our showtime. Show was great. Again.
After gig, brothers went to hotel to get some sleep and juniors and ex-singer checked every g*y-bar in Helsinki.

Thanks to Esa/BLowUp, Korjaamo staff, taxi driver, tech guys, other bands and fans.

Extra Special Thanks to Sami "Samppa/Hyttinen/Hynynen/Jouni/Jone Nikula/Halford/Jeesus/Hedberg" Hynninen.

Set list:

The Man of Steel
Death Walking
Death Bride
Baron Samedi
Curved Horizon
Divine Wind
Rise From Hell
Holiday in the Cemetery
When the Wind Howled With a Human Voice