Our first interview and very promising review :) (Sorry only in finnish)
First page here (340kb), second page here (285kb). Review, here (181kb).
Pics scanned by herr nabel.




Our first promo pic. Summer/autumn 1987

29.12.1987 Hotelli, Alavus (as Rigor Mortis)

With Matahari, Crom & others

13.2.1988 NS, Kuortane (as Rigor Mortis)

Rigor Mortis/No Mercy, Rise From Hell, Welcome Black Dethe

??.?.1988 Nuorisotilat, Alavus (as Rigor Mortis)


??.?.1988 Nuorisotilat, Alavus (Farewell gig as Rigor Mortis)

7.8.1988 Aulava (as Rigor Mortis)

with Burning Breath, Tilt & others


??.?.1988 Nuorisotilat, Alavus (First gig as Spiritus Mortis)

One of the worst gigs we ever played...


9.7.1988 Tori, Alavus

With R.O.D & others


20.12.1988 Yläaste, Alavus

One of the best gigs we ever played. Little girls screaming etc...


29.1.1989 NS, Mäyry

Metal Attack. With Astaroth and Stake

Our first live-tape.
Nightmare Is My Reality, R.I.P, The Holocaust, White Nightmare, Tyrants, D.D.D, Rise From Hell, Baron Samedi, Welcome Black Dethe, R.I.P


23.3.1989 NS, Alavus



15.4.1989 Seinäjoki

Pohjanmaa-rock finals


??.?.1989 Lukio, Alavus

Again one of the worst gigs ever played...


11.12.1989 Ähtäri

with Persia, Euphony, Black Pearl and Exit

Again one of the best gigs ever played. After gig we were compared to Celtic Frost.


1?.6.1990 NS, Peränne

with Loud Crowd & others.

Probably the worst gig VP has ever "played". Blame on moonshine... First song was "Wasteland", we had played a while when VP hits sticks to snare and comments "Fuck, I'm too drunk to play this one".
Jussi was so pissed that he thought about leaving VP at Peränne...


16.6.1990 NS, Tuuri

with Epidemia & others

After shitty gig an excellent gig. With Taisto Viikeri on LeadGuitar. Live-tape and our first video.
Tau Zero, Stormtroopers, R.I.P, Wasteland, Baron Samedi/drunk...drum solo/Rise From Hell


??.?.1990 Minirock, Alavus

No memories except, Rn ranta, sunday...


1.3.1991 NS, Tuuri

with Epidemia, Slayer Angel & others

Taisto on leads. Again video-tape.
Tau Zero, Wasteland, Stormtroopers, New Age, Divine Wind, Baron Samedi/drum solo/Rise From Hell


20.9.1991 NS, Tuuri

with Epidemia, Slayer Angel & others

Taisto on leads. Video-taped
set: Wasteland, Divine Wind, New Age, Baron Samedi/drum solo/Rise From Hell


25.9.1992 YO-talo, Tampere

with Compromise Blue

Taisto on leads, again live-tape. Notice Teemu's hair, after the army you know...
New Age, Nightmare Is My Reality, Swan Song, Divine Wind, Wasteland, Rivers Of Steel, Shit-Package, R.I.P, La 2029 ad, Baron Samedi/drum solo/Rise From Hell, Tau Zero


3.11.1993, NS, Mäyry

with Stake & others

Again video.
Armageddon, Wasteland, Stormtroopers, New Age, Divine Wind, Baron Samedi/drum solo/Rise From Hell


27.1.1995, Nuorisotila, Alavus

with Worroar


?.??.1995, NS, Soini

With If, Worroar & others.

Kai Lavila on LeadGuitar.


?.??.1996, Hotelli, Alavus

Tomi Murtomäki on LeadVox. First song was "Free", Tomi had forgetten to switch on the mike so no vocals. On first tune, E-string on bass was broken, so TM had to play the song to the end without E-string.


?.??.1996, Ryskoot, Alavus

With Epidemia & others

Tomi Murtomäki on LeadVox


?.??.1996, Aulava, Alavus

Tomi Murtomäki on LeadVox

Then the new era.