CAPRI, Alavus

Good gig. About 30 fans. Lights and smoke were very nice :) Thanks Sami.

Set list

1. Divine Wind
2. New Age
3. Sweet Oblivion
4. Beware Of The Quiet One
5. Flames
6. Future
7. Something Came And Killed
8. In Between
9. Burn Witch Burn
10. Killing Machine
11. Vow To the Sun
12. Rivers Of Steel
13. All the Words Were Spoken
14. Free
15. Sleeping Beneath the Lawn
16. Forever
17. In Pouring Rain
18. The Omen
19. Baron Samedi

Jussi, Capri

TM, Vesa and Vellu, Capri

Vellu, Vesa and TM, Capri

TM and Vesa, Capri

TM, Capri

TM, VP, Vesa and Vellu, Capri

Pics by Studio Kassun Turva