LUOMUSA, Hakojärvi

Again good gig. BUT! Only ~20 fans. All of them friends, relatives or players in other bands...
With Unchained, Free Spirit, Kuollut Etana and Kusta Kuuluu

Set list

1. Divine Wind
2. New Age
3. Killing Machine
4. Flames
5. Vow to the sun
6. Something Came And Killed
7. All the Words Were Spoken
8. Burn Witch Burn
9. Sweet Oblivion
10. Future
11. Sleeping Beneath the Lawn
12. Forever
13. In Pouring Rain
14. Baron Samedi
15. The Omen
16. Rise From Hell

Jussi, Luomusa

TM, Luomusa

V-M, Luomusa

Vesa, Luomusa

Vesa, Luomusa

Vesa ja Jussi, Luomusa

Pics Studio Kassun Turva