DOOM SHALL RISE II, Göppingen, Germany – Chapel April 2nd /3rd 2004

To Doom Shall Rise II And Back To Fatherland
The Spiritus Mortis Official Fest€vil Testament

Pre-journey shit:

SAS told us that guitars and bass will fit all flights, then they told that they don't know if they fit. Then they told us that they fit, then they told that they don't fit. Last one was that our gear will fit in all flights except the last one. So we decide to leave our gear home and play with spare ones on the festival site.
Wise decision as we soon would find out...

Friday 2.4

Bros Mayala started at 0830 hours their PanzerKampfWagen Mazda666 and picked Vesa and Lefty from milkyhouse.
No problems so far. After couple of hours of driving we arrive to VPs at Pirkkala. Some STRONG black coffee and then to the Pirkkala International Airport. VP of course got stuck in customs which was funny because VP didnt bring any stuff (I mean nothing, no clothes, no luggage etc.) with him, but no cavity search this time. Then flight to Stockholm in one big tooth paste tube, brrr...

In Stockholm, whaddya expect, country boys in big airport, of course we got lost... Gladly, after few smokes, we could read map and find the right terminal.

Then flight to Copenhagen in one giant tooth paste tube, first beers were taken there. Again some wondering at airport. But this time guys had smokes first then we read the map. Right plane, this time A GIANT tooth paste tube, was found and then flight to Stuttgart. More beer on this flight. Landing was hell but finally we were in Germany. Weather was quite different than in Finland, about 20 celcius.

Jochen were at the Airport as there were guys from Mourning Beloveth as well. Bros Mayala and Lefty went with Jochen and Vesa and VP drove with Mourning Beloveth guys on minibus. We were insulting :) Jochen for not having a german car and Vesa & MB guys were having trouble to understand each others Finn-Ireland-english. Vesa and VP heard some great tunes of Irish folk singing and some dirty jokes in almost unrecognizable English … Somehow Jochen understood every question we had concerning the price of beer...

So we checked in into Hotel Hohenstaufen (excellent one by the way), a little rest and then to festival area. Bros Maijalas and Lefty went with Orodruin fellows while Vesa and VP waited for awhile and stormed the festival area with Well of Souls members. Not too many memories about friday night... Well, Vesa met another Irish fellow, Danny Angus from Abandon All Hope magazine and drank some Schubart with him suffering again Irish way to babble … Also brothers of Reverend Bizarre were found from the crowd! Vesa and Spede the Lefty took a taxi back to the hotel sometime in the night and drove of course to the wrong direction! After some extra euros for a ride they got back to hotel and went to bar …. After some more beer in Vesas hotel room Lefty couldn’t make it to the toilet … some slight color changes were noticed in the carpet in the morning. And then after all, a good night sleep (all except TM, because Jussi was snoring). Other members of SM sleep very heavily.


Some late breakfast to all except Lefty... Of course SM couldn’t fit in one taxi so we had to take two and drove to Chapel. Bands were already playing. After some confusion we managed to sort it out which guitars we’ll use on stage and so on. Jussi got a Gibson SG from John Gallo of Orodruin and VP used Jochen’s Les Paul.
Now only worries were, where the hell is Albert from Reverend Bizarre!! He was supposed to be our special guest in “Rise from hell”. While Vesa and TM were desperately trying to find Allu from the crowd they met Tom Phillips of While Heaven Wept and other guys too. Conversations were really constructive because Tom was like a Finn …. Some might say a bit drunk! 

Backstage feelings were a bit tense but after getting to stage to get gear tuned things went really smooth. Tech guys were great. All we asked were done in a minute. Thanks guys, who ever you were! Also the stage sound was great. Also Albert was found in time. Vesa had the normal stage set, three beers for 45minutes. Capri, Alavus or Chapel, Göppingen, same thing! Set went really fine with just normal mistakes for SM and we had a helluva time. 

Set list

Divine wind
Sweet oblivion 
Death walking
Vow to the sun
In me

Rise from hell

Doom Shall Rise pics by Vesa and http://www.germanenstamm-sugambrer.de/DSR/index.htm

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Sir Magister Albert Spermeater …. No, no, …. Witchfinder stormed the stage to sing third verse for “Rise from hell” and what a performance it was! Vesa broke accidentally a beer bottle while Allu were making a fuzz, VP accidentally stepped on Albert while leaving the stage as Albert were lying on the floor …. It must have looked chaotic! Well, people said many times after the gig …. Crazy Finns……. Gig was video taped so maybe some day it will be online.

Very good feedback were given to us after our set, it really was heart warming. We also tried to make an interview for some major German metal mag but VP and Vesa were a bit too “aftergigmood” and we decided to continue it by email. Evening continued with Danny, Tom ,Peter, Allu and Well of Souls singer who was a bit worried about Leftys condition later in the night. Vesa and Lefty met so many people in that night that can’t remember all by the name. God knows how VP got to hotel but Vesa and Sepi took a taxi, this time straight to hotel … it’s possible they went to bar this second night too …

Motto of the day: Always look on bright side of doom. Do-dom-doom.

Sunday  4.4

Some late breakfast to all except Lefty, again... Well of Souls mate had a good time when noticing Jussi’s humangous appetite. After round three, WOS guy and Vesa came to conclusion that Jussi is professional. 

Roman drove us and Danny and some other Irish fellow to Stuttgart. At Stuttgart airport some waiting and wondering. At Copenhagen we found out that the last flight is fully booked so our guitars probably couldn't fit into plane...

But at 2300 local time landing to Pirkkala International Airport where TM kissed the blessed soil of Holy Land, then a couple hours of driving then FINALLY AT HOME!

Thanks to:

Jochen, Frank and Roman for everything. "Satanspiel mit s€x Satan. &ßuldigen für würst Deutcsh..."

The nameless-ones aka the road crew. Vielen Danke for superdecently organized doom metal meltdown fest€vil. Super!

John Gallo from Orodruin for SG and good company. See you at US?

Thanx to all artists at DSR II for dooming around.

Fans for setting the new standards in mortis live hullabaloo and hope we'll be beeping soon the metal detectors at your local airport.
SM dooms SAS for serving norsk øl.
VP's fest vil motto: This is f'n too good to be doom?

(c)MMIV Doomin' Characters