LekkeriKlubi, Hotelli Puustelli Alavus

We have had better gigs...
38 visitors... Not so good...
Whole thing was videotaped but lets see if it's going to be released in any form.

Thanks to:
- All at Lekkeri, especially Timo and Humu. Lights and smoke worked fine ja Humu kept advertizing SM stuff
- SM crew aka Juhana Lahtinen, Tapani Lahtinen, Janne&Petri Lousku and Sam Palolampi.
- A big fucking hand to all who were there. Specially to those who were at front row!

Set list:

1.All this in the name of love
2.New age
5.Dead, dying or alive
6.Leave me
8.Carved in stone
9.Mystic morning
10.All the words were spoken
11.Death walking
12.For thulsa doom
13.Vow to the sun

14.Rise from hell

Pics by Studio Kassun Turva