Spiritus Mortis - Fallen

Album release party Pub Joronjälki

Teemu didn't like.
It seems that audience liked a lot and thats all that counts. Some folks even phoned Teemu later and told they liked that "gig was tight".

116 tickets sold, ~25 "Fallen" sold, a few first album cds sold and ~10 T-shirts sold so we got mastering paid..
Thanks to Juhana for sound and Timo&Marko for lights.

ps. It was really nice to see some crazy Brits on our cold and barren wasteland, so cheers to Rick and Joanna!

Set list

intro - ave satani
sweet oblivion
All this in the name of love
beware of the quiet one
sleeping beneath the lawn
leave me
divine wind
something came and killed
vow to the sun
in me
baron samedi
rise from hellsinki
outro - Mighty One

Spiritus Mortis
11th March 2006
Pub Joronjälki, Alavus, Finland
By Rick Mayle

Pub Joronjälki is a small venue, but when Spiritus Mortis take the stage they don’t for one second cut back on the scale of their performance. Launching into ‘Sweet Oblivion’, they immediately strike up an unstoppable bludgeoning groove that makes it impossible not to jump around like a lunatic. Guitarists Jussi Maijala and Kari Lavila deliver the crushing riffs to perfection, their blazing artillery annihilating in unison with the thunderous booming onslaught of Teemu Maijala’s bass. The sound is rich and clear, and the hairs raised on the back of my neck are already signalling that this is going to be an exceptionally special gig. ‘All This In The Name Of Love’ and ‘Beware Of The Quiet One’ are delivered with aplomb, showcasing the fabulous versatility of the band and new album Fallen, before they move into the absolute classic ‘Flames’, which tonight comes complete with a cheeky reggae section to keep us on our toes.
Vesa Lampi has lungs fit for stadiums, and he pours passion into every second of this commanding performance, engaging the crowd in plenty of devil-horned banter. SM are playing as one, and the chilled-out figure of drummer Jarkko Seppälä is integral in keeping this awesome beast flowing; he conveys a laid back sense of swagger within the rhythms whilst at the same time keeping the whole performance tight. The crowd feeds off the SM energy; they sure as hell know that they’ve got something remarkable here in Alavus, and they know how to show their appreciation. ‘Divine Wind’ sees the crowd going even more nuts; the live delivery is quite simply jaw dropping, bringing their addictive tunes of upbeat doom to new heights. The track culminates in a blues tour-de-force with new boy Lavila taking the opportunity to show a deft hand in the solo department.
The stirring force of ‘In Me’ closes the set, and it is with a sense of loss that I realise this great show is drawing to its ending, and we all eagerly chant for more. Returning for their encore, a power cut is suffered as the band hit overload during the exquisite ‘Baron Samedi’ (surely the catchiest piece of doom you’ll ever hear!), but the party is in full swing and the crowd lap it all up, mobile phones are held aloft to light the hall as a grinning Seppälä just keeps on going. It is simply another memorable moment to add to an unforgettable night. Power is restored in time for crowd favourite ‘Rise From Hell’ to bring this triumphant show to its breathless conclusion. Former guitarist VP Rapo steps up from the crowd to join the masterful presence of Lampi on stage; contributing vocals to this sublime doom masterpiece, a track surely destined for legendary status.
As the final notes die and the outro tape plays, I reflect on a fantastic night and my sense of satisfaction manifests itself as a large grin. Being utterly doomed has never been so much fun, and it is an honour and a privilege to witness this fabulous band on their home territory. I’ve had the good fortune to attend a number of outstanding concerts over the years and Spiritus Mortis are amongst the elite, surpassing even the very biggest names for sheer entertainment. If you get the opportunity to witness this amazing band, I positively urge you to do so; you will not regret it.