Hotelli Puustelli, Alavux

Both gigs were ok.~50 tickets sold, which is (sadly) good for Friday night.
The night started with set by Vintage Mortis aka the original lineup playing four songs. Then first guest star, Taisto Viikeri, who played guitar at few gigs in early 90's, came to stage for three songs. After that came our first real :) singer, Tomi Murtomäki and we played three more songs.

After a short break, drums were turned upside down etc, current line-up played set.
At encores, there was four guitarists and two singers on stage, the last encore being , you never guess what...

Thanks: Puustelli, Lekkeri, Hymy, Räpsy, Juhana, Gas.
ExtraSpecial thanks: VP & Taisto

Vintage Mortis Set:

Lineup 1987-1990, 1992-1997
TM - bz, vox
JM - guit
VPR - dmz

Nightmare Is My Reality
Music JM 1986, Lyrics TM 1986
Stormtroopers ( The Knights Of The Black Cross)
Music JM 1988, Lyrics TM 1988
Burn Witch Burn
Music JM 1996, Lyrics TM 1996
Welcome Black Death
Music TM 1986, Lyrics TM 2003

Lineup 1990-1992
TM - bz, vox
JM - guit
Hendrix Viikeri - gtrz
VPR - dmz

Fecet Minor (InstroMental)
Music SM 1996
New Age
Music &Lyrics VPR 1990
Baron Samedi
Music VPR 1990, Lyrics TM 1990

Lineup 1997-1999
Tomisabero - vox
JM - guit
TM - bz
VPR - dmz

Music VPR 1996, Lyrics Vessias 1997
(Iron Butterfly)
Waiting For the Sun
(The Doors)

Spiritus Mortis Set:

Sweet Oblivion
Beware of the Quiet One
Something Came and Killed
Vow to the Sun
Divine Wind
All this in the Name of Love
Death Walking
In Me

All pics by Gas