• The God Behind the God CD/LP reissue 2018-04-21

    The God Behind the God CD/LP reissue by Svart now available!

  • New singer! 2018-01-08

    Spiritus Mortis is proud to present our new singer Kimmo Perämäki!

  • Svart Fest II 2017-12-01

    Svart Fest II, two gigs added

  • More bundles 2017-08-04

    Few more bundles, here

  • Two gigs more 2017-08-03

    Lahti and Kuopio added.

  • Gigs and Merch added 2017-08-02

    Two gigs confirmed and some merchandise added

  • Some gigs added 2017-01-16

    Some gigs added, more to come.

  • Problems with email 2016-12-27

    If you have sent mail to us and haven't received any reply, please contact again.

  • The Year Is One! 2016-11-22

    The Year Is One!  Buy new SM-stuff direct from us. Support poor musicians ;) ALL PRICES INCL. SHIPPING!

  • Babalon Working 2016-10-07

    Full track, Babalon Working, at Invisible Orange