• Some gigs added 2017-01-16

    Some gigs added, more to come.

  • Problems with email 2016-12-27

    If you have sent mail to us and haven't received any reply, please contact again.

  • The Year Is One! 2016-11-22

    The Year Is One!  Buy new SM-stuff direct from us. Support poor musicians ;) ALL PRICES INCL. SHIPPING!

  • Babalon Working 2016-10-07

    Full track, Babalon Working, at Invisible Orange

  • Last teaser World of no Light 2016-09-02

    Last teaser, World of no Light

  • Teaser of Babalan Working 2016-08-03

    Teaser of Babalan Working

  • Spiritus Mortis - Black Magic, White Powder 2016-07-03

    Check the teaser, Spiritus Mortis - Black Magic, White Powder

  • Summertime Blues, SM style 2016-06-05

    Summertime Blues, SM style: Robe Of Ectoplasm

  • Happy Mayday, friends of SM 2016-05-01

    Happy Mayday, friends of SM: Jesus Christ, Son Of Satan

  • Fan(anatic) of SM 2016-03-30

    Fan(anatic) of SM